How To Bathe A Puppy?

category: grooming CONTENT Start Young… But Not Too Young Make It Fun Pick The Right Soap Rinse Well Dry Safely Picture this: it’s late one afternoon and your puppy is about three months old. You sit down on the ground, ready to have a play session… when the awful happens. Your beautiful pup walks around the corner covered in… something very dirty and smelly. As […]

Does Your Pup Need Insurance?

category: health & wellness New puppies absolutely love to explore. The whole world is full of interesting smells, new people, and new things to bark at! Not all of these new things are good for a small puppy though, as anyone who has had a pup get into their chocolate stash can attest. This is […]

How to Socialize a Puppy

category: health & wellness When you hear the word “socialize” you likely think of helping your puppy learn to play with other dogs, but puppy socialization includes much more than that! Socialization is all about helping your pup navigate the world safely. This includes everything from meeting new dogs to encountering unfamiliar situations and handling […]

Puppy Feeding Schedule, Chart, Amount

category: health & wellness There is a lot of misleading information concerning dog foods, canine nutritional requirements and exactly what a puppy needs to eat. To cut through the myriad of conflicting messages we’ve created this guide on how, when and what to feed your puppy.   Puppy Feeding Schedule/Timeline (By Week)  Puppies have very specific […]

Your Guide to Getting a Dog During COVID-19

category: health & Wellness We know that the decision to get a dog is a complicated one during ordinary times but right now the environment has given us all a lot more to think about. This article will help you think through whether now is the right time to bring a puppy into your life.   How to Purchase […]